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The Adventures of Julia Wang - book 1

The sequel series of The Adventures of Luzi Cane

This is not a story based on drama and conflict, but loaded with a deep understanding of the human and beyond and hints at transformative choices in life.

Book 1: To be Human or to be All
Book 2: Captain & Passenger - who runs your life?

To be Human or to be All

by Eriqa Queen Erik Istrup Publishing

Back cover text

This is not a story based on drama and conflict, but loaded with a deep understanding of the human and beyond, and hints at transformative choices in life.

The story begins before Julia’s physical birth, but quickly moves to be a sequel of her mother’s, the Luzi’s series. Julia has selected various scenarios in her life from birth to just after her nine-year birthday.

Her brother, Li, tells us about the usages of water now and in the future, e.g. as farmland, mining, energy and habitat. We talk about artificial intelligent, AI and virtual reality, VR. From the future, Laura hints us about what is to come in the next centuries, and she talks about colonising Mars. This ties in to Gaia too. France plays a role in the story, and we will tap into the Atlantean dream and even the Sphinx in Giza.

There are stories from within the family, spiced with bits from Koot Hoomi, Saint Germain and others. A few new ones show up too. We talk about the new soul, the new mind and Returning to Self, and Julia gives us hints about some of her plans as an adult.

A crucial part of the story, maybe even the matrix that keeps it together, is the Code. Code is what people refer to as energy, but we will remove energy, time and space from the equation, and show what gravity truly is.

Author’s comments

I have made notes here during the writing and after finishing the book, I edited them into a more flowing text.

Writing this book differs greatly from the last Luzi Cane book. It’s as if still it maintains a connection to the entire story, but because it wasn’t written through the mind, it confuses the mind more than it did when it sensed no connections. This time I was also much more dragged into the story.

It didn’t take long to write roughly a quarter of the raw text for this book, but we were still in the first breath of the story, so I couldn’t imagine how we would cover up to Julia being ten years old, starting the story before her birth.

This time, we wrote mostly the story from start to end. This was not the case with my previous five books. The obvious advantage of this is that you can always refer to what you have previously written.

We have already moved subjects that showed up in this first book to the manuscripts of future ones, because it fits with Julia’s ‘aging’ and the general progress of the story.

Shortly after Julia had started school in Year 2 at age seven, the writing took a halt. Two days later, the rest of the story for book one and well into book two was ‘downloaded’ and the story was on track again.

Some places in the story may appear different from those in real life if visited. They are often selected by sensing into them, and so by ‘energy’ and not by appearance or function.

Oh, THAT was quite a ride at the end of this book, and I was totally unprepared for how we closed this first part of the series. It was much like going down in free fall on a roller coaster, which then suddenly stops right after reaching the bottom at the exit, while I still holding tight to the steel boom in front of me: “You can step out now!”

Life goes on, I guess, so here are a few comments on the cover because it may not be obvious what it shows. The background is the ocean, symbolising the Infinite Oceanic Self. This is also the Returned Self, the Third Circle, which is your home, you. The glass mosaic head of a woman symbolises all the human facets that integrate by the initial ‘waking up’ and from all lives. You are also seeing Laura, not Julia.

The index

Jumping on a running train
 Redefining terminology
Julia Wang
 Choosing my human name
 Methods and work partners
 Moving with the wind of change
 SAM / Tobs
 Julia’s birth
William Li Wang
 Food from the sea
 Sea mining
 The Gaia connection
Li about AI
Lu about virtual reality
 Realising one is realised
 Prior to consciousness
 Koot Hoomi’s four Ps
Li & Lu about biology and mind
 Physical changes in the brain
What the soul really is
 The new soul
 The new mind
 Sar’h about Return to Self
The Atlantean dream
 The Sphinx
 Ting and Cheng’s mission
Julia and the snake Nehebhau
 The connection to life
Julia’s third birthday
 The journey of expanded awareness
 Two new kids
Upside down and inside out
The inside out
 Into the unknown
Happenings in the family
 Activities in and around the village field
 Julia talks about the private school
 Julia’s connections with the family
 Summer 2022
 Li’s 6-year birthday
Nothing happens by chance
 A holistic view
 Back to school
Anna moves to France
School and other stuff
 A little about pets
 Conscious Code
 Christmas 2022
Laura, the built
 Food on Mars
 How to start a colony on Mars
 Terraforming Mars
Back in France, visiting Anna
Julia’s nine-year birthday in 2024
 Li’s eight year's birthday
 September and school year 4
Author’s comments

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