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The Adventures of Luzi Cane

This is not a story based on drama and conflict, but loaded with a deep understanding of the human and beyond and hints at transformative choices in life.

Book 1: The Soul of the White Dragon
Book 2: Rider of the Crimson Dragon
Book 3: Return of the Unicorn
Book 4: The Truth of the Black Dragon
Book 5: Clarity of the Crystal Dragon

Return of the Unicorn

The third title in the series

Visual novel: Available at Amazon AppStore (Only Android), and itch.io (Win, Linux, Mac, Android), where you also find a free downloadable DEMO.
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by Eriqa Queen Erik Istrup Publishing Cover art by Nancy Batra.


In this third book, Luzi looks into our connection to nature and gets a deeper understanding of life, nature, the planet and creation itself. This connection is initially established with a consciousness that appears as the human concept of the Unicorn. The horn is not really a horn, but a swirl of energy or more precisely a point of consciousness for communication to consciousness and energy. This point is widely misunderstood to be the third eye, as people imagine it to connect to the visual cortex for creating images.
 When Luzi visits the 22 crystal caves, she encounters the New Energy that may benefit the ones who has the consciousness to tap into it.
 Luzi’s perspective is the artificial intelligence, AI, robotics and augmentation and evolution of the human body, and how humanity will live with these things. Her daughter, Julia focus on the human coalition with the planet and the unbalance between the feminine and the masculine.
 Divine wisdom is given through the unicorn Alia, the white dragon Loong, the crimson dragon Shaumbra, Gaya, Pan, Kuthumi, Saint Germain, Sekhmet and others. Luzi will connect to her own divine wisdom as she continues on her journey for embodied realisation also called enlightenment.
 Even though the book is part of a series, this is a complete story in its own right.

Author’s comments

If you haven’t read the previous books, you may find that some subjects are not covered sufficiently, but this is the way I chose to present this material.

I give special thanks to the sovereign consciousness that, in this book, is named Saint Germain, for his huge contribution to mediate the wisdom to both myself and the reader.

It has been a challenge for me only to present one subject at a time, since much of what I want to tell you depends on each other to give you clarity of what I speak.

This is also part of the title's author's comments: Writing from the light

The index of the book

Duality comes into unity
Luzi Cane
 The AND life
 True creation
 Beyond linear thinking
 Creation of the Universe
The twenty-two crystal caves
 The Master & I
Gaia & New Earth
 Artificial Intelligence
 The planet of free will
 From Gaia to Earth consciousness
The true return of the unicorn
 Sensing your life
 Your relationship with energy
Sekhmet, the lion goddess
 Sensing into everything in your life
Isis, Adam and Aliyah
 Isis and Adam
 The temples of Tian
Moving to Hastings
 Notice to quit our lovely home
 New possibilities
 Julia’s first babysitter
The next chapter
 A day in London
 Another man in the family
 The seed germs
 Family visits
New home and new community
 Do you mind?
 The simplicity of allowing
The Kitten and the Lion
What comes next?
Grandma and Kong
Author’s comments
 Writing from the light
Additional stuff

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