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The Adventures of Luzi Cane

This is all about the book series of Luzi Cane, created by Eriqa Queen

Rider of the Crimson Dragon - (in proofreading)

The second title in the series

by Eriqa Queen Cover art by Ricardo Robles

Future titles (so far) in the Luzi Cane Adventures series will be Rider of the Crimson Dragon featuring Saint Germain, the Templars, the mystery schools and Return of the Unicorn which will be about the true magic and wonders of the connections to our highest glory, The Schemes of the Grey Dragon about mass consciousness and how it affects us, and The Enlightenment of the Black Dragon explains what our dark side realy is.

Back cover text
This second book in the series, brings more pieces to the puzzle, to connect already placed pieces scattered on the table top we call ‘the human experience’.

When the Christ Consciousness was prepared around 630 BC, a celestial order of teachers and supporters named The Crimson Council was formed. In parallel a human group got together on Earth and the colour, crimson, was used to identify individuals in the Crimson Circle. Over the years, the collective consciousness of this group has become an entity of its own and may be perceived as a crimson dragon named Shaumbra!

Luzi work with two students to discover true historical events and meet this crimson dragon. It turns out that Shaumbra has quite a personality and together with the white dragon, Loong, the Elven woman, Josela, Quan Yen, Gaya, Merlin, Nikola Tesla, Saint Germain and others, they gain information from the past and future. What they find is not commonly accepted, but it fits with hidden and not so hidden knowledge dismissed by the established society. Luzi’s unborn daughter brings light into everyone’s heart and plays a major role in balancing a broken family. All ends up having a different view on life.

Even the book is part of a series, this is a completed story.

The index of the book

Another time, another place
Luzi Cane
Meeting the Merlin
 My birthday
 Ythr penn Dragwn
 Having kids
Meeting in Elvendale
 What happened in MY past lives?
 Past and future lives
 What IS past and future?
The Crimson Dragon
 Presenting Shaumbra
 Meeting our daughter to be
 Ancient America
The earliest writing
 Noah’s Ark
 Moses and Abraham
Some Early scripts
A Chinese wedding
 Ju-long, about his dad
 Ting and Cheng
Ju-long’s father
 Meeting Kong again
 The bracelet
 Kong’s dream
 The fishing trip
 Kong’s future
Nikola Tesla
 Brain versus consciousness
 A free mind
 Personal energy
 From energy to solid matter
 The AI vs. limitless energy
 Energy and life
 Time is energy
What to come
 Allowing, Un- & AND
 Birthing of Julia
Author’s comments
 Additional stuff

Will be published in February 2019.

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