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The Adventures of Luzi Cane

This is not a story based on drama and conflict, but loaded with a deep understanding of the human and beyond and hints at transformative choices in life.

Book 1: The Soul of the White Dragon
Book 2: Rider of the Crimson Dragon
Book 3: Return of the Unicorn
Book 4: The Truth of the Black Dragon
Book 5: Clarity of the Crystal Dragon

Rider of the Crimson Dragon

The second title in the series

Visual novel: Available at amazon AppStore (Only Android), and itch.io (Win, Linux, Mac, Android), where you also find a free downloadable DEMO.
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by Eriqa Queen Erik Istrup Publishing Cover art: Ricardo Robles

Back cover text

This second book in the series brings more pieces to the puzzle, to connect already-placed pieces scattered on the table-top we call ‘the human experience’.

When the Christ Consciousness was prepared around 630BC, a celestial order of teachers and supporters named The Crimson Council was formed. In parallel, a human group got together on Earth and the colour crimson was used to identify individuals in the Crimson Circle. Over the years, the collective consciousness of this group has become an entity of its own and may be perceived as a crimson dragon named Shaumbra!

Luzi works with two students to discover true historical events and meet this crimson dragon. It turns out that Shaumbra has quite a personality and, together with the white dragon, Loong, the Elven woman, Josela, Quan Yen, Gaya, Merlin, Nikola Tesla, Saint Germain and others, they gain information from the past and future. What they find is not commonly accepted, but it fits with hidden and not-so-hidden knowledge dismissed by established society. Luzi’s unborn daughter brings light into everyone’s hearts and plays a major role in balancing a broken family. All end up having a different view on life.

Even though the book is part of a series, this is a complete story in its own right.

Author’s comments

When writing the first title in the series, The Soul of the White Dragon, Luzi appears as a fictional person to carry the story and present the knowledge. I could relate to the character, but there was some distance to her, like she was outside me. It is interesting to experience that, when starting to write this second title, I found the character, Luzi, was presenting herself as a sovereign person in this creation. Furthermore, I was as surprised as Luzi when she realized that she was to be a mother, and even more so when the name, Julia, came up. I didn’t even know whether the child would be a boy or a girl. Julia was a special and wonderful surprise. I knew that having Luzi and Ju-long together would eventually bring forth a child, but when Julia showed up, she did not arise from a conscious idea on my part. As my work progressed, I came to realize that all the main characters are of consciousness and have their own lives that interact with me as the writer, more than growing out of an author’s mind. Ju-long’s father, Kong, did not show up as a consciousness until I let him open in the story. This was a special experience.

The information in this book is not meant to be adequate, but more a pointer to subjects that you can follow up on.

I have really grown close to the figures I have worked with in this book. They have all been my true and dear friends, so thanks to all of you. We, me and my friends, have been writing this book in a forum, all adding bits and pieces to the story.

The index of the book

Another time, another place
Luzi Cane
Meeting the Merlin
 My birthday
 Ythr penn Dragwn
 Having kids
Meeting in Elvendale
 What happened in MY past lives?
 Past and future lives
 What IS past and future?
The Crimson Dragon
 Presenting Shaumbra
 Meeting our daughter-to-be
 Ancient America
The earliest writing
 Noah’s Ark
 Moses and Abraham
Some early scripts
A Chinese wedding
 Ju-long, about his dad
 Ting and Cheng
Ju-long’s father
 Meeting Kong again
 The bracelet
 Kong’s dream
 The fishing trip
 Kong’s future
Nikola Tesla
 Brain versus consciousness
 A free mind
 Personal energy
 From energy to solid matter
 AI vs. limitless energy
 Energy and life
 Time is energy
What to come
 Allowing, Un- & AND
 The birth of Julia
Author’s comments
 Additional stuff


A book filled with wisdom about many existential questions 5 of 5
Luzi interacts in several dimensions. She is brilliant in balancing a life with a quite ordinary family with its challenges AND a spiritual path. She talks with fairies, ascended masters, Tesla and a dragon among others. Luzi is an inspiration for others in an awakening/ realization proses AND a regular human life. Thrilling and exiting.
  - Kristin, July 2, 2019, Amazon - Kindle Edition.


Master Story Teller 5 of 5
I just finished reading the Kindle version of The Adventures of Luzi Cane, Book 2. The author is indeed a master story teller! While including delightful experiences and awareness of elves and dragons, she weaves in incredible wisdom, clarity, and light about our journey to remember who we are and why we're here.
I absolutely love the development of the characters in the story. Luzi and her daughter Julia (even before her birth) are so real and vibrant and full of wonderful wisdom and love!!
I am an avid reader, and when I wake up the day after finishing a book, wondering what the characters are up to today, I know the book is an extraordinary creation!!
If you ever find yourself wondering about the "big" questions about how to realize who you are and how to experience your life to the fullest, I heartedly recommend reading The Adventures of Luzi!!
  - Patricia M. Severance, January 30, 2019, Amazon - Kindle Edition.


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