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The Adventures of Luzi Cane

This is all about the book series of Luzi Cane, created by Eriqa Queen

The Soul of the White Dragon

by Eriqa Queen Erik Istrup Publishing Cover art: Ricardo Robles Look inside at Amazon or Google

Future titles (so far) in the Luzi Cane Adventures series will be The Secret of the Crimson Dragon featuring Saint Germain, the Templars, the mystery schools and Return of the Unicorn which will be about the true magic and wonders of the connections to our highest glory, The Schemes of the Grey Dragon about mass consciousness and how it affects us, and The Truth of the Black Dragon explains what our dark side realy is.

Back cover text
If you think dragons are a myth, you will learn otherwise in this story. Furthermore, you will learn about the Elves, and discover a whole world that you didn’t know existed right under your nose.

In her search for material for an upcoming book, Luzi stumbles upon many secrets and old wisdom, signs of seemingly lost ancient knowledge. When searching for truth, one may find love and friendship that you have been looking for; even at places abandoned many years ago, or in realms not of this world.

The Soul of the White Dragon, the first book in the Luzi Cane series, gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy an incredible adventure. At the same time, you gain so-called lost or hidden knowledge, in a world that desperately tries to wake up from its long slumber, but is distracted by the ‘noise’ from the same world. The dragons are awakening, not to destroy us, but to guide us in our quest for a deeper understanding of our place in creation.

Even though the book is a part of a series, it contains a completed story in its own right.

The index of the book

 Lucia Cane
 Influencing consciousness
 Hong Kong
 A cat called Dragon
 Questions to Loong
 Dragons and knights
 Back in Hong Kong
 Lemuria and Atlantis
 The grand exodus from Lemuria
 Saint Germain
 Sensing your reality
 Meeting the Earth and the Sun
 Quan Yen
 What is love?
 Dad’s surprise
 Ju-long in London
 The way of choosing
 Elvendale City
 A new home
 Ju-long in Elvendale
 The spiral of life
 Author’s comments
 Additional stuff


The Soul of the White Dragon is a vividly penned novel where the physical and the non-physical dimensions flow into one another as the protagonist explores new terrains in her life and also the edges of her consciousness. Through Luzi, we get to experience what everyday life in the midst of spiritual awakening looks and feels like. As Luzi becomes more familiar with her inner wisdom - often through the guidance of the white dragon and other etheric beings - her life transforms, reflecting her inner landscape. We get to see the joy that lies beyond a mentally constructed world: Another world, where imagination, magic, sensuality, and miracles are as natural as nature itself. A beautiful tale of dragons, elves and curious humans, especially recommended for anyone who's into spiritual awakening.
  - Kim Seppälä, writer and consciousness explorer.


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