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The Adventures of Luzi Cane

This is not a story based on drama and conflict, but loaded with a deep understanding of the human and beyond and hints at transformative choices in life.

Book 1: The Soul of the White Dragon
Book 2: Rider of the Crimson Dragon
Book 3: Return of the Unicorn
Book 4: The Truth of the Black Dragon
Book 5: Clarity of the Crystal Dragon

The Truth of the Black Dragon

The fourth title in the series

Visual novel: Available at amazon AppStore (Only Android), and itch.io (Win, Linux, Mac, Android), where you also find a free downloadable DEMO.
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by Eriqa Queen Erik Istrup Publishing Cover art: Ricardo Robles

Back cover text

The first time Luzi meets the black dragon named Knight he says, “I am here so you can pass on the truth of the human’s dark side and to clear up your own. I am here so you can pass on the truth of what people call their dark side. This has to be integrated into the trinity which is your I Am, your Master Wisdom or soul that is your wisdom gathered through all your lives, and your human self.”

Sekhmet is back in the family as the cat Boomer, but now also as the black lion goddess when she teams up with the black dragon. New entities and creatures will also join the family, and other changes emerge.

Luzi finds out what our mind and memory really are, and how Artificial Intelligence at some point will create human emotions.

Luzi and Ju-long’s daughter, Julia, play a vital role in building the local village into an influential part of a much greater area.

This book is part four of a series, but contains a complete story in its own right, even though the story develops through the series.

Author’s comments

Writing this fourth book has differed from the others. A lot of detail came in at the same time. Like a pile of stepping stones, I had to lay them out to get a natural flow in the story, writing them one at the time from the pile.

This time, the story has brought me quite a few surprises. I am the writer or typist more than an author, as if the story or the characters orchestrate the action themselves. Thank you for that. It is always exciting to stand in the middle of the action without a clue what will happen, and being surprised that the action goes THAT way! Even Jack the raven told me how he would drink a small amount of cream from a saucer by turning his head to the side and licking it up.

And this scene at Christmas: “Julia and Mum return with something that is obviously a surprise for later. They are very secretive about it.” I had no idea what it was, but I sensed a broad smile from Julia. I had to wait until the story revealed it to me.

Also, this time while writing I shed a lot of joyful tears as I connected with these wonderful beings who make up the gallery of the story.

I have read through the text several times and it strikes me how much I have learned during the period of writing this particular book. Now I feel I was almost naïve in the beginning, growing more mature during the composition of the text and underlying energies while working with everyone involved.

As you have read the book, you might have noticed repeated information, maybe in slightly different ways both from the previous books and this one. We have done this to make it more adaptable for the mind. The coherence may be lost if we present only the new information.

I will publish two more titles in this series. After that, on request from Julia, we plan an additional series featuring Julia as the storyteller and protagonist, following her life in four titles.

The index of the book

Elvendale in early sunlight
Lucia Cane
Julia and Boomer
The truth of the easy life
 Dome Home Village meeting
Where is the mind?
 What are thoughts?
 Knight in the moonlight
 The black soil of Meso-America
 Mum and Dad visit
A long-awaited visit
 Late spring
 At the beaches of Elvendale
 The headbands in Atlantis
 Julia’s first birthday
 DNA and New Energy
 Knight and forgiveness
The black lion goddess Sekhmet
 The lie about the darkness
 William Li Wang
 The beginning of sovereignty
A raven moves in
 Summer holiday activities
The AI and the mind
The New Energy Doctor
Family gathering in Hong Kong
Soul destiny
 Humans are true space travellers
Christmas 2020
 Luzi’s thirty-first birthday
 Christmas Day
Author’s comments


A marvellous experience in magical realism 5 of 5
Real and surreal at the same time. A mystical ride for your mental self. Smiles and tears for your emotional self. You can't help but be a different person by the time you finish reading the last page. A true gift to your consciousness by way of the written word.
Chris (Amazon.ca) 2021-01-04


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